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Self Management Leadership

For liders, CEOs and managers: We offer the programme of Self-Management Leadership in association with the Oxford Leadership Academy.

t prepares a manager for a true leadership of him or herself, his or her team and organisation, through a methodological process based on reflection and observation in dialogue and in action.

It is directed towards the manager taking on his or her role of leader and coach, understanding this leadership as the capacity to know oneself, express a vision, influence other people so they get results, support the co-operation of teams and are an example.

It focuses the participants towards their qualities in the context of their influence on the management team and on the organisational culture, helping them to become aware of the fundamental changes in their life and work in relation to their organisation and to develop a clear sense of direction; to clarify options and to develop the necessary strengths for an effective carrying out of choices and decisions that might contribute to changing the path of the management team, of the organisation and of their lives.
The programme goes into the following points:

To identify the significant facts that have contributed in arriving at the present situation and that of the management team. To become aware of the point of departure and of the learning along the way. To identify which patterns of thought (good or bad), of response and of acquired behaviour. To evaluate the level of change necessary on a personal and team level.

Strengths and Weaknesses
To recognise your strengths and weaknesses and those of the team on which to base the objectives for the most immediate future. To identify the weaknesses and areas of improvement that have to be considered and that have to be managed. To develop the art of becoming the “observer of oneself and one’s environment”.

To understand the potential to be “focused” on an individual and team level. To clarify the purpose of the management in its most immediate personal and professional future. To develop one’s personal compass in order to prioritise the choices to make, the decisions to take and the actions to begin in the most immediate future, taking into account the momentum and the evolution of the team and the organisation.

To identify the values that significantly guide and influence choices, decisions and relationships, in order to give support to these purposes. To develop a profound understanding of the corporate values of the organisation. To detect the values that give shape to and define one’s own character. How to use values to discriminate at critical moments.

To map out the direction that you want to take individually and as a team. To clarify priorities in relation to work, the family and oneself. To develop the principles with which you and your team will work, integrating the objectives of personal and private life.

To identify the obstacles and challenges that are necessary to be overcome in order to achieve a vision. To identify old patterns of thought and behaviour that are inconsistent with those of the new culture and to commit your skills and those of the team in order to achieve the vision.

Objectives and Strategies
To clarify objectives and strategies in order to achieve the vision. To identify the choices and decisions that it is necessary to take and that are behind the carrying out of the vision.

Action Plan
To develop the personal and team action plan to be focussed towards the vision and achieve the defined personal, family and professional objectives. To determine how to maintain energy, commitment and enthusiasm in the chosen direction. To review the plan after 90 days.

To receive complete information about this programme, contact info@yesouisi.es