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The YesOuiSi Space

The spirit that moves YESOUISI is that of service, sharing and making wisdom and talents available.

YESOUISI is a space of leadership, spirituality and creativity. We create spaces as a point of encounter in order to accompany people in the recovery of their maximum potential of beauty, inner strength and clarity.

YESOUISI offers a safe and comfortable space for you to value yourself, give time to yourself, care for yourself and explore and get to know aspects of your being that were hidden until now. It is a space of acceptance, free of judgements and dogmas that facilitates expanding the limits of the mind and widening the horizons of the heart.

Our activities help to overcome limitations, fears and blockages and promote being able to reach the wholeness of being. The objective is to integrate body, mind, heart and spirit in order to achieve an alignment that allows us to be and to express the best of ourselves in all the areas of our life. When the energetic centres are aligned and unblocked, we have a greater capacity of performance, efficacy and affectivity. Our heart opens, our mind calms itself and our intellect decides with clarity. The intuition acts. We find the meaning that moves us to a YES to life.



Si!… to radical, unpostponeable changes.

Thank you for everything you do. 2011 Federico Mayor Zaragoza (President Culture of Peace Foundation)

“In this times in which all tends to be negative, it attracts to me the affirmation of Yes Oui Si. Afirm the human being in front of life. Yes, life has meaning and purpose. Yes to our capacities. It is the affirmation of human being as free and creator.

Yesouisi is a space of consciousness open to many ways of thinking. Here I have found a community of free beings where each one is well received. It is a space of freedom where each one is as he or she is.

Yesouisi is a center of consciousness.” (2010) Joan Antoni Mele, Under General Director of Triodos Bank Spain.

“Yesouisi is a space of encounter, of creative culture and a space of spiritual welcoming. It keeps a spirit of community. Exactly what our world needs. For me this Yes is a song to life, an affirmation of our will to exist, to give meaning to life and to confirm the wholeness of human being. (2011) Xavier Guix. Psychologist and writer.

The Yesouisi space offers:

  • Training in Appreciative Inquiry
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Leadership Development programs
  • Strategic accompaniment to Organizations and Businesses
  • Conversations and Dialogues that are transforming. Conversations that open the mind to another way of looking, and the heart to another way of feeling. Dialogues in order to investigate, discover and recover the jewels of millenary wisdom
  • Silence and Meditation.
  • Creative seminars
  • Forums
  • Residential programs
  • Intelligent Holidays