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Fundamentals in Appreciative Inquiry

In this training one learns to create bridges between the ideal with an orientation towards results. Discover how and why Appreciative Inquiry is effective. Learn to put questions that open the doors to a positive change. Engage the whole system. Reach measurable results.

Contents of the training include:

  • How and why Appreciative Inquiry works
  • AI in action. Case studies. Success stories.
  • Questions that make positive  change possible
  • Engage the whole system
  • Develop a project for your organization.

Advanced Training in Appreciative Inquiry

In this training participants experience the power of appreciative learning by interactive sessions of feedback. Experience is enlarged. One sees many possibilities of application of AI. Those participating in this advanced training have already done the fundamentals. They will be ready to learn more closely how to use this approach to strengthen their work. All those participating will bring one or more situations in which they would like to improve.

  • Purpose of the advanced training in Appreciative Inquiry.
  • The focus of this training is a detailed application of Appreciative Inquiry, the strength-based relational approach to change.
  • The workshop is for leaders, managers or change agents in an organisation or organisational consultants or coaches who work with organisations.

People coming to this workshop will already have had a basic training in AI and be ready to learn more about how to use the approach to strengthen some part of their work. They will bring one or several situations with them that they want to improve.

These situations may be about:

  • Bringing different teams together to work on a single activity
  • Handling difficult situations which seem to be torn apart by conflict
  • Making a business more effective in terms of staff engagement and better financial results
  • Improving staff morale or commitment
  • Making and implementing difficult decisions in an organisation
  • Improving partnerships where there are many stakeholders

In the workshop, the workshop leaders will work intensively with each participant on their project:

  • To clarify the key purpose of a situation
  • To see where and how the right people can be involved in developing or improving a situation
  • To strengthen a draft work design to deliver specific objectives
  • To select the most meaningful activities and language for each situation
  • To develop ways to measure success

Through the workshop, participants will:

  • Assess the skills and abilities they will continue to use as they work with Appreciative Inquiry
  • Learn to extend their ways of thinking and working so that they are even more effective in working with AI.

As a group, we will also look at wider issues that affect individual projects or situations such as:

  • The new Organization Development and its impact on generating and sustaining successful organisations.
  • The new OD and changing role for organisational consultants
  • The value of the research on Positive Emotions
  • Examples from business, healthcare, government and communities.

Ways of working:

The design of the workshop is inspired by the Yes Oui Si studio where colour, imagination and focus is brought together in paintings on the walls as well as work in progress throughout the studio.

The workshop design is also based on the core principles that underpin AI and the steps of the AI process. There is a structure as well as space for new topics generated by the group.

Participants will work in plenary and self-selected groups receiving coaching from each other as well as from the workshop leaders.

Facilitators of the trainings

Miriam Subirana

Anne Radford

Augusto Cuginotti

See their Cv in Yesouisi/who are we and Yesouisi/collaborators