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Appreciative inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a process of organisational intervention that seeks selectively to locate, emphasise and discover what we define as the forces that give life to the existence of the organisation.

Appreciative Inquiry looks for the best of “what is” to help to awaken the collective imagination of “what could be”. The objective is to generate new knowledge that can expand “the limits of the possible” and help the members of an organisation to have a collective vision of the desired future and to realise that vision in such a way as to successfully convert the images of possible intentions into reality and beliefs into practice.

In relation to the future in the development of organisations we set out from the thesis that we have now reached the end of conflict resolution as a model of investigation that is capable of inspiring, mobilising and sustaining the changes in human systems. We believe that the future in the development of organisations belongs to methods that affirm, promote and accelerate the process of learning involving greater levels of collectives.

The new methods will be distinguished by the art and the science of asking positive and powerful questions. The task of intervention will give space to the speed of the imagination and innovation; and in place of denials, criticism and the cyclical diagnosis, the way will be opened to discovery, the dream, the design and destiny.

In the strategic accompaniment that we offer to organisations and companies, we also use the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry.