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In the seminars we use diverse methodologies: exercises of creativity and art, analysis and evaluation, dialogue and reflection, together with techniques of coaching, leadership and meditation.

We use the technique of Appreciative Inquiry, which helps us to discover the best in the experience of each one and to share our stories of success, possibility and hope.

We work on coaching from personal and professional strengths. With this base we create strategies of improvement and planning so that the person can live and share life fully, both in the personal and professional aspect. The coaching that we offer you covers not only the personal level but also that of your relationships. We are aware that the person is in networks of relationship in which they recognise and are recognised and in which they play the role of executive, of husband or wife, of father or mother, etc. We place importance on the system of relationships of the person in order to offer them an integrating coaching.

The Yesouisi seminars and workshops are practical. Practical exercises take place through bodily expression, artistic expression, verbal and written expression. There is individual work, personal projects as well as work in a team and/or group. The language and the artistic and creative expression help us to go from the head to the heart and connect us to the intuition.

Using languages different to the usual such as painting, drawing, writing, the piano, singing and music, we open ourselves, we listen, we understand and free ourselves of limiting concepts and beliefs. That way we connect to our inner wisdom. We open ourselves to our essence and we connect to the spiritual and the innate of our being.

Yesouisi organises encounters in which dialogue leads us to transformation. With the power of words, clear intention and the aim of improvement, we have conversations that generate positive changes. We bring about the conversations we have never had. We can create the world that we want.