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Our Values

YesOuiSi is founded on the desire to serve. YesOuiSi offers a diversity of thought and cultures. We make available and share through dialogue – the flow of meanings, wisdom and experience. We explore the universal truths from different perspectives in order to arrive at our own experience and authenticity. YesOuiSi offers the opportunity to go into the depths, to discover, share and apply the universal truths, avoiding fanaticisms and closed thinking.

In YesOuiSi we are aware that values unite us and beliefs separate us. We offer a space to understand what beliefs block us, limit us and separate us, and how to align oneself with the values that will generate transforming and effective action.

In our seminars and activities we reflect upon our life strategy and facilitate it so that each person may find their solutions, develop their creativity, connect to their intuition and give meaning to their daily work and activity. For this the fundamental value is trust.

We question the tendency to find solutions in a reductive way, in order to move on to find global solutions that take into account all the system: of the body, of the self (mind-intellect-heart-register-habits), of the family, of the team, of the company, of the group.

From the era of information we are entering into the era of awareness. In YesOuiSi we explore all the aspects of the awareness, in order to understand the roots of anger, addictions, fears, blocks, depression and all the shadows that prevent us from shining. We explore the values that when we live them make us feel strong and radiant. They are the universal values that unite us in a sustainable, coherent and balanced effort. We build the bridge that allows us to go from the present situation to the ideal situation, thus reaching our wholeness and dissolving the shadows that weaken us.