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Yesouisi organises dialogues, talks and forums of multidisciplinary thought in order to have deep conversations, which create new mental, intellectual and spiritual spaces. Conversations that open the mind to another way of looking and the heart to another way of feeling. Conversations that lead us to find the right questions in order to widen perspectives. Conversations in which dialogue helps us to transcend the self to connect to the transcendent dimension that unites us and transports us to another dimension of the self of seeing and of feeling. Conversations that feed us and help us to look for new ideas with which to nourish ourselves and guide us in our future.

The sabio-logos group (sabio means wise, and logo connects with the same root than dia-logo, so these are dialogues to emerge wisdom) is made up of people who sustain the spirit of this YesOuiSi space and are characterised by their desire for service, to offer their experience, their wisdom and their knowledge, making it available for a true dialogue – a flow of meanings that give meaning to life and wholeness to the awareness.

They are people for whom superficial conversations are not enough:

  • They love the informal talk and dialogue
  • They are aware of the power of words
  • For whom silence is important in their lives
  • They take reason to the heart and the heart to reason
  • They investigate, question and go deeper
  • They do not think they are always right
  • They are open to dialogue
  • They generate transforming conversations
  • They open up new horizons
  • They have presence
  • They investigate the dimensions and different states of awareness

If you identify with these characteristics and want to be part of the group of sabio-logos, ask for information from info@yesouisi.es

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