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Diamond Week

The Diamond Week is offered as a pack of intelligent holidays. If the intelligent holidays offer flexibility in the theme and structure of contents and days, the Diamond Week is a studied programme that requires a week of holiday to apply it.

Diamond Week, Days of dawning. A space and a time, physical and mental, to disconnect, connect and re-energise. A complete programme that consists of a stay of 6 days in a holiday place, hotel or rural abode, in which one theme is dealt with each day in two daily sessions of 1.5 – 2 hours each:

  1. The art of thinking. Polishing the min.
  2. The art of feeling. Healing the heart.
  3. The values.
  4. The art of finding the meaning.
  5. The talents: our inner powers.
  6. Plan of personal action.

This way we learn to be creators of moments of oasis and balsams of tranquillity. Disconnect from the pressures. Connect reason with the heart. Be reborn to what gives meaning to our lives. What we will learn in the Diamond Week will serve us to be applied to our daily life. In a way that the energy recovered during the holidays is not dispersed or lost a few weeks after returning.