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Workshops on Appreciative Inquiry

The five dimensions of Appreciative Inquiry: Define, Discover, Dream, Design and Create your destiny

The wall of wonders

Created by the Cultural Institute (ICA), in which it manifests the process that people go through, in organizations, communities, to relate a common store on their past, present and future.

It promotes afirmative dialogue.

Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psicology and Leadership

Excepcionality, essenciality and equality

Each person is exceptional and unique.

Each person is essential to the team. He or she needs to be recognized as such.

Each person in the team has voice and wants to be heard.

When a team lives in the 3 E’s of each one, the communication flows, there is a sense of affiliation to the team and we learn to work from the exceptionality of each one to cover whatever gaps come in the way.

From swot to soar

Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Resources and Results.


by Joep C. de Jong, 26th September, from 4 to 8 pm

Price:  95€ Registrations before 15th September 80€

In YesOuiSi

Todays society is changing rapidly. In 2008 no one foresaw the situation we are in now in Europe. We know leaders will not be able to predict the future but we need people to be able to cope with todays challenges in a different way in order to create a sustainable future. One possibility of attaining that is through strength based change philosophies and methodologies, like Appreciative Inquiry.

Joep C. de Jong, Expert in social constructionism and Appreciative Inquiry. CEO of Van Harte & Lingsma Management and Organization. Former director of Learning Solutions of BT. Former chair of the Global Council of AIC (Appreciative Inquiry Consulting).


Provide people with an insight of the possibilities of strength based change for their organizations and for their personal lives.


Stories from the field.

Basic information on social constructionism and AI.


Through sharing of stories from the field by the speaker and dialogue around the cases being presented we will design possible solutions.

Benefits of participating

You have gained awareness of alternative ways to help your organizations to cope with the challenges of today society.