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Intelligent Holidays

The need.
We go on holiday with the intention to disconnect from the pressures of daily life and with the excitement of getting to know, discovering and widening our vision of the world. We also want to relax and recover our balance. Intelligent holidays are those which allow us to disconnect from pressures and connect to the essential, to our authentic values, to our dream, and that which really gives meaning to our life.

Therefore why not devote X days of your holidays to yourself and to the personal development of your loved ones, family and friends? Why not offer them as a promotion gift in the company?

Some intelligent holidays offer the possibility of regenerating our bodily energy, and also to re-find emotional balance, recover calm and mental peace and connecting to our inner wisdom.

Activities and content.

We propose workshops carried out with interactive and creative methodology, in such a way as to learn as one paints, draws and enjoys oneself. They take up 2 to 4 hours daily, leaving the rest of the time for leisure, sport, activities and cultural trips, etc.

The subjects of the workshops include:

  • Understanding the causes of stress and overcoming them.
  • Recognising fears and blockages and learning to free oneself from them.
  • Reconnecting with the purpose of our life and what is essential.
  • Aligning our awareness, decisions and actions.
  • Recovering our personal power.
  • Dare to Live and Living in Freedom.
  • Positive thought and attitude.
  • Seitai to restore energetic balance.
  • Meditation.

On the intelligent holidays we are the creators of moments of oasis and of balsams of tranquillity. We recover energy, we widen our vision, we regenerate the spirit, calm the mind and heal the heart.

What we learn on the intelligent holidays will serve us to be applied in our daily life. In such a way that the energy recovered during the holidays is not dispersed or lost a few weeks after returning.

The activities of Intelligent Holidays have taken place in Mas del Mar (San Pere Pescador, Girona) since 2007, and also in hotels and paradise resorts. They are offered in other places and countries according to demand.